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National Teams
« on: May 05, 2013, 01:35:22 am »
(note: everything is stolen from the Spanish forum, or the doubts thread [now Ask Anything], or the Dutch, or somewhere else)

* About NT Races *

* There are three NT race categories.  These are U21, U23, and (open) National Team (for cyclists of any age).
* There are ten NT races per season per category.
* The U21, U23, & open categories race on completely different courses.
* Races are held every Sunday evening (CFF time).

* About The NT Coaching Positions *

* There are three national team coach positions available for every CFF country.  These are the U21 coach, U23 coach, and (open) national coach.
* The coach's job is simply to pick the best national team for each international race, and set the tactics for each race.

* Nominations & Voting *

* Nominations opens after race 100.
* Voting begins from the Monday after the opening of nominations (last week of season).
* Nominating & voting is open to teams in the top 3 divisions.
* You can only nominate for one NT position.
* But you can vote in all three NT categories, or two, or just one if you wish.
* You can only nominate &/or vote in your own CFF country.
* Only your first vote counts.  Once you vote, you can't change your vote, so make sure you vote correctly first time.

* At the end of the season (after race 118), the winning nominees take their places to be the new/continuing national team coaches for the upcoming season.

* If No Nominations? *

* If there are zero nominations for a position, then the top ranked manager in the country who doesn't have a NT position will be selected into the position by default.
* Note, this rule had changed from a few seasons prior, to avoid a repeat of a manager holding two positions at the same time.

* Cyclists *

* A maximum of 9 cyclists can be selected for any race (note: NT manager should always select 9 cyclists).
* Participating cyclists gain experience at the following rates
U21 race = +0.2 exp
U23 race = +0.3 exp
Open NT race = +0.6 exp

(note: An U21 cyclist participating in an U23 NT race will gain 0.3 exp)

* Cyclists finishing in top 20 of a NT (open category) race may gain international fame (see stores for effect), and also gain a small increase in his wage.

* Attributes Affecting Race Performance *

Cyclist attributes which affects cyclist performance in NT races
* Primary skills (from stamina to experience on team sheet).
* Weather bonuses

Cyclist attributes which don't influence cyclist performance in NT races
* Form
* Health
* Training camp bonus
* Staff
* Bike equuipment
* Races already done this season

In other words, only the cyclist's primary skills are important in NT races.
(Note: NT coach tactics is the other determining factor)

* NT Race Points *

1st = 300 points
2nd = 250 points
3rd = 225 points
4th = 200 points
5th = 180 points
6th = 160 points
7th = 150 points
8th = 140 points

20th = 10 points

* These points are added to both the cyclist's and country's international points tally.
* If two (or more) cyclists from a single nation gains points, the country is awarded points from both (all) cyclists.

* Other *

* Where a NT coach seriously abuses their position, their position as NT coach may be transferred to another manager.  Complaints about a NT coach should be factual, and not just because 'your' cyclist didn't get selected.
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Re: National Teams
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Question.  Will this thread be deleted if it's not stickyed?

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Re: National Teams
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I think after a year in real life.


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Re: National Teams
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Problem solved!