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Re: SuGGestions 2.0
« Reply #615 on: November 14, 2017, 12:07:05 am »
Before I come to my suggestion:
In the Spanish suggestion thread, they were talking about the troubles with several NT nationalities being dead in the water.  In it, there were several suggestions.

* That just before the race, where selections haven't been made, the computer automatically selects 9 cyclists and sets tactics.
Personality, whilst I like aspects to it, I don't think it'll be good, because this will end up the human interaction with NTs, which will diminish it's value & interest.

* That several CFF nations should either merge, or be swapped with nations that have a better possibility of success.
The merging, well ok, although not to the extent suggested, and not with some of the CFF nations suggested.  It should only be those nations that will never be able to attract interest.
The swapping of nations that are dead, with those that could attract interest, simply makes good sense.


Ok, to my suggestion.
In a bid to generate a little interest in people going to smaller CFF nations, I'd like to suggest a small bonus for those teams that finish 1st in each CFF nation's rankings.  Or maybe top 3.  I wouldn't suggest a large bonus; maybe $150k, $70k, $30k or something.